Recovery Coaching

You and your Coach will work together to accomplish your goal of staying sober but the benefits don’t end there. With the assistance of your Coach, you will discover what is intrinsically meaningful to you, beyond the expectations and goals of others. Your Coach will empower you to come up with your own dreams and goals while supporting and giving guidance on how to accomplish them. The skills you’ll develop working with your Coach will give you the confidence to face any challenge that may arise long after the coaching relationship ends.

You will have weekly sessions with your Recovery Coach in addition to text or email support between sessions.  Schedule your individual Coaching sessions at your convenience. Text or e-mail your Coach if you have a challenge, need information or just want to share a success. Your Coach will be there to support you.

“With the type of work I do, I am always traveling.  It was difficult to stay connected to support networks. I was told about MindSET for Recovery and now I have support where ever I go ” -client

“I have spent a lot of time being frustrated with myself for setting and not meeting goals. I was referred to my Coach by my Sober Living and my life began to change. Not only did she teach me about goal setting, but she also listened to my frustrations while teaching me how to minimize them and build my overall confidence. Because of my Coach, my life is richer and I have clearer focus.” -client

*Recovery Coaching does not interfere with your participation in other support programs (AA, NA etc).